BFC Analytics Foundation

Here’s a new term in the business world – intersectional environmentalism. This takes social justice and combines it with environmental justice. What this means is that business scientists are looking at how negative impacts on the environment are more prevalent in minority areas. The focus is on ways to generate a clean atmosphere in minority areas, HUB zones, or otherwise underserved locations.

BFC Analytics is willing to consider intersectional environmentalism in their practices and services. We have opened the BFC Analytics Foundation to allow us to provide free and reduced-price services to businesses located in high polluting areas that are also listed as HUB Zones. The level of reduction will be subject to the applying business’s annual revenues.

Services provided under this program include environmental audits and analytics, environmental reporting for regulatory bodies, environmental permitting, environmental planning, ESA Phase 1 reviews, environmental strategy, clean energy assessment and planning, business continuity assessments with planning, and pricing, budgetary, and marketing reviews. The requirement to be eligible for this program is that the business agrees to enact practices that will reduce emissions in the local and surrounding areas so that minorities that are affected by pollutants 30% more than other populations can live in clean areas without having an impact to their health – just for going outside. Further, so that those underserved populations don’t become impacted by practices like mandatory natural gas that has proven an increased level of carbons in indoor air quality that will create problems without even going outside. The accepted business has to be operating a Hub zone or an otherwise underserved area with the ability to prove that the area is underserved.

If you would like to become a foundation sponsor please contact me for more information on our marketing and branding programs. Also, you may donate by clicking or tapping the button below. Your donation counts as a contribution towards the current black lives matter, all lives matter, and LGBTQA+ equality movements.