Guest Teacher, Kelly Educational Services.; Hillsborough County and surrounding, Fl, 2020-present

  • Passed an FBI fingerprint background test and a personality test to serve as a guest teacher in the county education system.
  • Served as a guest teacher in various grade school levels including standard, alternative, and ESOL classrooms.
  • Maintained current of Hillsborough County educational system processes and procedures and during crisis or threat.

Law Firm Analytics Administrator, Dennis Hernandez & Associates, P.A.; Tampa, Fl, 2019-2020

  • Maintained familiarity with internal and external personal injury practices of the pre-litigation and litigation process.
  • Maintained awareness of conflicts related to scheduling, including those related to courts, opposing parties, records attainment, & billing.
  • Remained current of social media and digital optimization practices in the legal field, benchmarking analytics against the market.
  • Remained current of financial practices in a personal injury firm, including practices for the separation and tracking of IOLTA from firm.
  • Maintained a monthly dashboard of predictive statistics of settlements, insurances, attorneys, and case status at disposition.
  • Developed and tracked employee metrics and time entry records to analyze areas of improvement and growth within the firm.
  • Brainstormed predictive inferences for analyzing further processes at the firm for continuous improvement.
  • Created and maintained employee training manuals and a policy handbook, including constant changes.

Quantitative Research Analyst, Business Management Leadership, Capella University; Minneapolis, MN, remote, 2019

  • Obtained scientific merit, ethical practices approval, and approval from the professional field for a research proposal.
  • Published a quantitative dissertation using SPSS/SAS/R statistics methodology to fill a research gap in the business leadership field.

Regulatory Analyst, Kelly Services; Tampa, Fl, 2019

  • Obtained regulatory compliance for a medical instruments manufacturer by cleansing data, uncovering anomalies, & adhering ISO 13485.

Social Media Analyst, Spherion, Inc; Brooksville, Fl, 2018-2019

  • Spearheaded a social media campaign for 2 years out using analytics to discover SEO, increasing profits by elevating brand influence 30%.
  • Strategizing programs, topics, and influence to continue improving on public engagement statistics along the social media platforms.
  • Discovered, negotiated, and secured relationships with local organizations and stakeholders building a contact database in Excel.

Licensed Telesales Agent, American Power & Gas; Clearwater, Fl, 2018-2023

  • Obtained a license through the Department of Agriculture to sell energy credits and alternative energy credits via telemarketing.

Research Participant, St.Vincent DuPaul; Hudson, Fl, 2018

  • Researched various issues creating and sustaining homelessness among women who enroll in shelters.
  • Remained current of rules and regulations involving safety, sanitation, and health for women’s homeless shelters.
  • Researched programs of life skills education, job attainment, and community involvement among homeless women.

IT Support Analyst, Telenetwork; San Antonio, Tx, remote, 2016-2018

  • Resolved various IT support issues for internet, cable, Fios, landline, and mobile phone accounts.
  • Remained current of various IT Support policies and procedures and administered those changes to affected parties.

Taxation Specialist, Teletech; Richmond, VA, remote, 2016-2017

  • Resolved support issues related to the preparation of taxes via TurboTax, Quickbooks, and Intuit.

Finance, Management, Economics, and Statistics Tutor, Wyzant; remote, 2015-present

  • Trained adults on various topics of finance, management, economics, and statistics for higher education courses.

Banking Dispute Resolution Specialist, remote, SNI, Inc; Tampa, Fl, 2015

  • Resolved various banking disputes through fact finding, investigations, interviews with merchants, and negotiations.
  • Processed credit inquiries and procured budget plans.

IT Support Analyst, Southerland Global; New York, NY, remote 2014-2015

  • Resolved IT support issues related to Microsoft accounts, security, and mobile phones, and Xbox accounts and technology.
  • Remained current of new policies and procedures and applyied the changes to affected clientele.

Business Management Analyst, Capella University; Minneapolis, MN, remote, 2014-2019

  • Integrated SPSS/SAS/R statistics methodology with various regulations to match to organizational policies and procedures.
  • Procured corporate strategies regarding change management, mergers and acquisitions, issue resolution, and product ownership.
  • Developed a research program integrating leadership theories along with survey methods and common practices to advance the field.

Timeshare Representative, Westgate Resorts; Reunion, Fl, 2014

  • Remained current of various national, state, and local policies, procedures and regulations in the real estate time share industry .

Product Owner Representative, HSNi; St. Petersburg, Fl, remote, 2012-2013

  • Maintained product ownership through knowledge of specifications, accessories, and complimentaries.
  • Processed credit inquiries, financial budget plans, collections, and financial securities related to owned products.
  • Tracked KPI’s and other employee metrics to predict account balances.

Business Analyst, Process, Manufacturing & Sustainability, University of Maryland UC; Minneapolis, MN, remote, 2010-2014

  • Analyzed SPSS/SAS/R statistics using visualization suits such as Excel, Power BI, and Tableau into state, local, and national regulations.
  • Strategized business plans that comply with stakeholder, grassroots, and consumer requirements, including toxicological assessments.
  • Analyzed ethnographic, demographic, financial, and competitor statistics for targeting new market regions or introducing new products.

Paralegal Portfolio Manager, Florida Default Law Group; Tampa, Fl, 2009

  • Interpreted legal data regarding complex ideas to strategize a scope with project objectives while defining a timeline.
  • Analyzed resource needs, managed execution of client requirements into an action plan w/a budget with contract management software.
  • Interpreted client requests into a calendaring system using Dynamics CRM with document orders into MyCase for Crystal Reports.
  • Monitored eDiscovery process for timely and accurate court filing, including the trial docket, for scheduling due dilligence procedures.
  • Tracked efiling of motions, orders, objections, and fact finding while collaborating with judicial assistants and external legal assistants.
  • Affectively evaluated and reconciled financial budgets through data extraction and preparation of current financial status.
  • Analyzed required budgets, & future financial forecasts using P&L maintenance with the procurement of new budget contracts in Crystal.
  • Monitored systems, procedures and business processes to ensure legal objectives were met using Dynamics for contract management.
  • Monitored administration of financial budget approval process using Dynamics and Outlook.
  • Monitored purchase order balances and program obligations as per contract requirements using Crystal Reports, Excel, and Dynamics.
  • Extracted data for quality controls weekly reports with timely and accurate data analysis presented in Outlook, Dynamics & Crystal.
  • Presented timely and accurate data reporting dashboards to legal decision makers using Crystal Reports, and CRM Dynamics.

Criminal Research Analyst, University of South Florida; Tampa, Fl, 2009

  • Conducted interviews, computer forensics, and analysis of motive operandi to use as evidence in various moot court trials.
  • Developed opinion pieces related to the American judicial system and the criminal justice system for national, state, and local juris.
  • Presented analysis of various procedures of evidence gathering and crime scene analysis with recommendations for associated actions.

Regulatory Analyst, GPI Southeast, Inc; Tampa, Fl, 2007-2008

  • Tracked and analyzed appropriate regulatory statutes to apply to permitting contracts, work programs, and deadlines.
  • Maintained knowledge of legislative, regulatory, and statutory updates for amending programs, permits, contracts, and deadlines.
  • Investigated court cases and litigations histories for incorporation into contracts procurement, engineering designs, and bid proposals.
  • Investigated background information necessary for discovery appointments and meetings & the preparation of correspondence reports.
  • Interviewed personnel and investigated data extractions & collections against said legal research to document current work processes.
  • Identified improvement opportunities, analyzing legal problems and negotiating data into alternative legal solutions.
  • Effectively communicated a resource planning system driving evidence-based decisions through data analysis visualizations.
  • Procured plan specifications, including outlining individual tasks, tables, diagrams, and numbered paragraphs with headings and sections.
  • Audited current strategy by extracting data and distributing data for special reporting dashboards using Excel, Access, and PowerPoint.
  • Interpreted data into reporting dashboards for procurement forecasts with P&L analysis compiling in Excel and presenting with Word.
  • Identified and mitigated risks and minimized losses for a utilities company and a coal industry located in a WBID zone using Excel.

Environmental Policy Analyst, University of South Florida; Tampa, Fl, 2004-2008

  • Used SPSS/SAS/R statistical methodology to analyze various policies, case laws, statutes, and regulations.
  • Recommended regulatory standards based on statistical research of demographics, bio-toxicological, and environmental data.
  • Procured reports of recommendations of new strategies, policies, and regulations in the environmental sciences field.